Monday, September 15, 2008

Lights out, courtesey of Ike

Thanks a ton, Ike.
The bad side:
I live in the Midwest, and we get horrible, tree-ripping winds? That just isn't fair. At least it didn't rain... *knocks on wood*. But the power still went out at 6 pm, thank you very much, and it didn't come on until, like, 3 or 1 am. I hate it when the power's off at nightfall - there's nothing to do but go to bed at 8. >:P
The good side:
I have no clue why, but they cancelled school today! :D A whole bunch of districts, including mine. Yep, elementary through high is out today. Thanks to Ike, although I think a 2-hour delay would have done the trick. But, hey, I'm not complaining!
But we still can't go outside. Too many sticks and the wind is still acting up, ripping branches off trees and whatnot...
there are two sides to Ike.

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