Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Friday Adventure!

So me, my friends, and I went to this place we go to every year for the heck of it, called Leed's Farm. It's nice old place and we still love to go there every fall this time of year. =]

On Friday we headed down. It is 50 minutes away, so we carpool. All the more fun, the three of us in a car together! The three amigas arrive and begin the journey I now account....

We get there, and immediately after paying we dashed off into the labrynith that is the wilting corn maze. Of course, it is easy to mistake a real path for a trailblazed one.... right?? So we are crashing through the dying, easily snapping stalks of old corn and chucking the unharvested veggies in their husks at faraway armies. It is a blast, and we are way out in the field before we realize the rows we are so easily navigating down AREN'T part of the maze... whoops, who knew? So we're lost, and we're running and panting all over the place and it's really scary and then we get out. Strangest thing, I tell you!

Zipline of Death!
Then, we head to the really terrifiying 200 foot-long giant, tall zipline on the other side of the place because the line gets really long. My youngest friend doesn't want to go - she's scared of heights - but me and my other bud get in line to await eagerly, conversing with other people we know. I get my harness on easily and climb up the stair-ramp thing to the top, waving down at my - wise! - friend who stayed behind. Then, I look down and make a realization....
We're REALLY high up here!
It was NOT this scary last year! I open my mouth to protest to the staff working this terror, and my legs start shaking in fear. I'm standing at the edge, and I'm hooked into the zipline. Too late now!! Holding the rope with alabaster knuckles, I'm pushed off - against my will, but I'm too frightened to move - from the sky-high wooden ramp.
Whoosh. Wow, this is kind of fun, actually! I stick my hands out like I'm flying. Before I know it, the zipline's reached the end and I'm spinning slowly in the air as we head back towards the ladder in the middle, where they're going to get me off this darn contraption.
My legs are shaking as I'm unhooked and I climb down the ladder miracously unharmed.... as quickly as I can I go back to the front of the line to get my harness removed, legs still jiggling in fear... I reach my wise pal and inform her that it was great!

We're waiting anxiously in line to jump on this AWESOME tramp thing when my friend mistakes these letters on the side of the tramp.... of course, we all start laughing hysterically and snap a picture on our phones. I submitted the best one on dA....
And here it is!

Get it?

We pretty much stayed there until it closed! It was awesome. I can't wait until next year... and stayed tuned, I went to the Quarter Horse Congress and I've got a story!

Kaye has spoken.

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