Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, the The Junk Drawer is one of my favorite humor blogs, and Kathy over there always has something good to say. The latest post was no exception - all about BACONING WEBSITES. I decided to try it, and it's immensely fun. The directions are at the Junk Drawer, too, and they're really easily.

Just go to and then type in the name of the website at the end of that link, http:// and all, full link, or it won't show up and you'll just get a big piece of bacon on a blank screen (although nobody can be to upset about that!). The bacon looks insanely real, and it's so funny when you show people for the first time! A good way to scare someone with this is to type the link to a random site you're going to behind that link when they're not looking, and then scream OMG BACON! when they do look. I tried it. Pretty funny. I decided to baconize my lil' old blog here, too. You can see it on the top. =] Delicous!
In other news, Rob cut his hair! I found this out a long time ago but I haven't had any time to post, so yeah. I think he looks adorable no matter what. =D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twilight is the best the first time ;]

I just saw Twilight again yesterday (in honor of the original release date). It is better the first time, when you don't know what happens. But it's still a good movie. =] You pick up more, look for different things. Well, I know Chris Weitz is going to be directing New Moon, and that it will come out Nov. 20, 2009 (what a wait! D=). Hopefully, this time the critics won't say it "suffers from bad directing" this time. And, omg, did they seriously not hire on Taylor for the second movie? SERIOUSLY? Hope his agent gets him back! I know a big Team Taylor fan... she's gunna be mad to here that!
I have discovered three of the funniest videos I've ever seen, genius lip syncing. They're by Cyberkiwi27, who makes hilarious videos. Check them out. Oh, and these look better in high quality. =]
The first one
The second one (my favorite!)
The third one
And hey, if you haven't seen that SNL Justin Timberlake-Beyonce skit, you have to. It's abosolutely hilarious. The best version got taken off, though. ='[

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Moon Director issues?!?

Well, the rumors are confirmed by Summit entertainment. New Moon is going to be directed by someone else. If you read the professional critic reviews, like msn, they've given them scores like 2 out of 5 stars. Gotta remember that not everyone has seen Twilight and knows it cover to cover like we Twilighters do, and so people like my buddy who had not read the book and went into the movie theater knowing nothing about the plot or anything, come out confused with a horrible review for it. It wasn't perfect, even if it was embraced so well by the fans. New Moon, hopefully, will be better and have a more experienced director who knows what the heck they're doing and just how they're going to achieve perfection in the sequel. Hopefully, the views aren't too different, like if Steven Speilbeirg directed it would definitely not be anything like the first movie! I hope it turns out ok, and there is speculation that the movies will all be done before 2012. After all, they're shooting Eclipse and New Moon back to back. However, I have heard they aren't going to do Breaking Dawn. Honestly, I wouldn't either.
I'm hoping for the best on this movie. Let it be better than Twilight! :D