Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, the The Junk Drawer is one of my favorite humor blogs, and Kathy over there always has something good to say. The latest post was no exception - all about BACONING WEBSITES. I decided to try it, and it's immensely fun. The directions are at the Junk Drawer, too, and they're really easily.

Just go to and then type in the name of the website at the end of that link, http:// and all, full link, or it won't show up and you'll just get a big piece of bacon on a blank screen (although nobody can be to upset about that!). The bacon looks insanely real, and it's so funny when you show people for the first time! A good way to scare someone with this is to type the link to a random site you're going to behind that link when they're not looking, and then scream OMG BACON! when they do look. I tried it. Pretty funny. I decided to baconize my lil' old blog here, too. You can see it on the top. =] Delicous!
In other news, Rob cut his hair! I found this out a long time ago but I haven't had any time to post, so yeah. I think he looks adorable no matter what. =D

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