Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Ever K'pinion - What's What

First Post Ever!

Nickers, this is Kaye. The blogger who's new on the scene. Frankly, I got a lot of my inspiration from Fugs, who blogs over at FHOTD about total morons who have unfortunately have access to a fugly pair of opposite gendered equines. And feel the need to breed them, despite the overwhelming amount of fugliness involved. Anywhoo, this blog was formerly known as horsecrazy88's lifeblog, and who's interested in that? Uhhh.... anyway, I have pretty strong opinions about things. You've been forewarned. So, if I insult you...... big smoldering snozzberry. Haha, did I mention I speak weird? I've got my own little sayings.

In my world, me, my friends, all stuff important to me, the internet, horses, okapi, FHOTD, and Corky matter. You don't, okay? I don't care how mean, cruel, snarky, stupid, ignorant, childish, or immature you think I am. My world is a bubble. In that bubble is a refridgerator box in which I live. It is cooler than your box. In that box is me, my room, my family, my pets, my computer, and my stuff. Nothing can harm me in my box, mkay? That means you are outside the little bubble. Mess with me and I mess back.

Sorry for the mean little draaaama moment back there. I'm really not like that. I'm usually as nice as can be, but if you poke the penguin too many times, out comes the gun. A lot of people like me. I've got great friends, online and in real life. But I've got some pretty nasty enemies in both places, too. I'd rather you be in the first category. What about you?

I pretty much give you my frank opinion, and you contribute yours. I comment on the best ones and I feature them occasionally. I can feature the worst, too. Um, no, you can't have my email address. You can make comments, though, and I will try my best to notice anything important you need to say. Unless it's stupid. Can I delete comments? I'm not sure yet. This is my first post, cut me some slack! xD

I have to leave tommorrow, unfortunately. This is such a stupid time to start up my blog. Gah. Oh well. It takes time to catch on, right? :D So, comment a little. Give me something to opinionate on! I will do at least one post tommorrow, and you can look at that (or those) tommorrow, right? Yay.

Kaye has spoken.

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