Sunday, July 27, 2008

K'pinion #3 - Organic

This is something that is starting to get on my nerves. Organic stuff. First off, my mom is a food scientist. This helps me out some to put this clear through my head.
She told me that in past days, farmers used to spray whoknowswhatgunk on their crops and no one protested. People don't really do that anymore - why is organic so popular now? My mom's work has found that there is really no nutritional difference between organic apples and apples trucked in from Washington. So why are people paying more money for these harvests? Because they apparently believe it is better for you - I never really understood the whole thing.
Growth hormones I do feel iffy about because I feel that it's asking too much of the cow, but organic farms that use no antibiotics and stuff like that (again, the milk is the same as normal, non-organic brands), sourced from a vet, lose a third of their cows in the winter. See, if one of your cows get some kind of staff infection and you don't use antibiotics, it will probably die. And the disease will probably be contagious. Even if they recover, their milk will probably not be good. So you have a) dead animals that are harder than crap to dispose of and b) useless milk that is being wasted.
What is the point? Kindly explain.
I personally don't care about organic stuff. I loved reading the Sunflower Market newsletter, but did they stay in buisness for over a year? Noooo..... the whole organic market went bankrupt and hence kaput.
So save yourself some money. Organic stuff is no better than the normal stuff, period.

Kaye has spoken.

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