Sunday, July 20, 2008

K'pinion #2 - Pals

Yes, I picked something totally random for a first topic. But it is kind of a nice subject to pick up on. What we're talking about today are pals. Ok, random sidetrack - I just can't get over the word pal. What is it deprived from, principal? Who uses that word, anyway? Anywhoo, back on track. I have one epal and one penpal myself.

I met my epal around last December. Apparently I had created an account on and entered a little info into a profile. She thought I sounded like an interesting person (huh, that's how my friends describe me, but not in that way ^_^) and emailed me. My penpal is my friend who moved to Arizona two years ago. Now, for comparison.

My epal lives in Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand. She rides horses, like me. The seasons are totally opposite there. While I am griping about the terrible 90+ degree humid summer weather, she is complaining how winter rain is trapping her inside for days on end. My epal has sent me pictures of her pet rat Hoody and her favorite horse Choci (R.I.P. as of 5/13), and another horse, Rosey. I sent her pictures of Topaz, cool american stuff, and Corky. They call stuff in NZ different stuff than we do. There is apparently a very overpriced store there, called Cabella's, when I'm pretty sure it's a video game or something?

My penpal hasn't written me in a very long time. We always send each other stuff, like pictures. Lately we've been conversing via youtube messaging system. We've only exchanged about 6 letters in a span of a year, and nothing has been particularly interesting except hearing about his Bichon, Maggie. My penpal lives near Phoenix, Arizona in a really cool house with a pool!

Yes, I realize that having an internet friend is dangerous. A lot of things are dangerous. Heck, a guy who survived three motorcycle accidents met his death when he slipped on a banana peel. How lame - but it just goes to show you that freak stuff, however low the chances or odds, can happen. My sister's friend was on a family vacation when somehow lightning struck near their car, and her dad touched something metal and had to go to the hospital. He's now on heart meds and their only source of income. Yes, I know, freak. But my friend and e-friend can't meet me, not a chance at all.

So, in my opinion, e-pals are better if they write you often and are interesting and nice. If they're not, penpals are the better option because they can send you pictures, gifts, and real stuff but it's not a good idea to meet them online and then send stuff. A long gone friend/faraway relative or cousin is a better idea.

Kaye has spoken.

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