Monday, November 3, 2008

K'pinion on the Twilight saga

For the first time in a long time, I am going to do a K'pinion! (Kaye combined with opinion if you didn't know. Lol.) It's about a familiar topic.... TWILIGHT!
You must not know that I have a big crush on Edward Cullen. Um... yeah, I'm wierd like that. Fictional characters are my type, y'know??
And, for all you Twilight-haters out there? If you haven't read the book... then, well, you have no reason to dislike it. That's like complaining about the president if you didn't even vote! Now, we begin....

Well, we start off the series with a modest book offering you an apple on its cover. Not a scary cover. Nothing to judge by. Nothing to hint the contents of the book! Some people are still unsure of what the cover represents. Haha! Well, I know. =P Anyway, you take the apple and flip it over. If it's the paperback, you have no idea what any of the stuff means but if you're like me, you want to read it because everyone says it's a good book. So you buy/check it out/loan it/steal it/WHATEVER the book.
And then you read it. Nothing exciting has happened, but you find yourself flying through the pages, your eyes and brain eagerly consuming every word the text has to offer. It's that good.
I was near the end, at one of the REALLY GOOD PARTS and then we got to a store, and I had to stop abruptly. I was breathing really hard. My sister was looking at me strangely. I was like, wow, I've never been that engrossed in a book before! I felt right with the characters. I felt like I was there. And that's hard to do in a book.
Sooner than I wished, the book was over. In a day. I wish I could have read it slower, but I doubt such a task is possible! I spent the rest of my free time rereading the best/my favorite parts to savor them. Such a beautifully crafted story! I loved how it was vampires explained. Like, they're not all they seem to be. No capes and silver stakes and all that. Real reasons, twisted into myth. It's very creative!

Rating: Two thumbs up!
Very brisk and thrilling. Bella is easy for anyone to like, and Edward, is, well... you know. Edward! You're free to imagine what he looks like, but I personally dislike the one in the movie. :( The end is one of the most thrilling parts, and the meadow scene is a highlight for me. My abosolute favorite is when she sees him for the first time in the cafeteria! THE BEST in the whole series. Nothing is so complicated in this book!
New Moon
Rating: No thumbs
I hated this one! I mean, yeah, she gets to find the truth about Jacob, but it's not much a book without Edward. She's got a shattered heart (how could you not be when *Edward* leaves you?? Don't worry, he feels even worse than she does...) and Jacob takes a liking to her. I am not Team Jacob. I am sorry, very small percentage of people on Team Jacob. I do not like him nearly as much as Edward. He is fine when he is just a happy-go-lucky, growth-spurking teenager, but then Bella finds the truth and he's no longer a friend. He's competing for her over Edward! He wants to make a move. Ick! Unfortunately Bella sends Alice a mixed signal, which is misinterpreted and gets to Edward. He thinks she's committed suicide. And he instantly wants to kill himself, because he thinks it's all his fault. After all, he thought this would be better for her. So he heads to Italy to mess with a very powerful, very ancient force of vampires called the Volturi. He's gonna get killed, Bella's trying to get there in time, it's all very confusing from here, but I was like, Edward's back and that's all that matters.... uh, right? It's a whirlwind of confusion for me, but they survive with one condition. Bella knows about the Volturi... either she becomes a vampire, or dies. They head home and all is well again. Yayyyy. Well, I still hate this one. It's very hard to get through it. (Restrain from skipping ahead. You'll probably miss some detail.)
Rating: 3 out of 5
It's hard to remember Eclipse, but high school graduation's coming up! =OOO And then, dun-dun-DUM! Victoria's after her. This time, she's organized a large party of dangerous newborn vampires to get her, and they've been hunting in the cities. The police obviously have no leads. The werewolves and vampires have to call a truce and be allies to protect one thing - Bella. So Victoria wants to take Bella away from Edward, because he took James away from her, only James never really loved her. He just used her. So, she and the new army get destroyed and Bella is safe. YAAAAYYY. Well, the Volturi come. They're too late to anything but kill a surviving newborn. They take off, it's all happy again. Wahoo!
Breaking Dawn
Rating: 1 thumb up
Well, reading this one was kind of sad. It's the thickest, but you know that once you get to the end there will won't be any more books! :'( It's not nearly as rushed as the 7th Harry Potter - thank goodness! I did cry at the end, though. Well, the day has come. Bells are ringing, they're getting married. Jacob is there, woohoo *sarcastic* and goes ballistic for a reason I still don't understand (I was as confused as Bella on that one). They go on their honeymoon to Isle Esme, and have a great romantic time until THE NEWS COMES. She's pregnant. Obviously, they go into shock because this can't happen. There is no way, no how, it's not possible. Bella's rushed back home and falls really ill. The half-vampire baby is going to kill her and Edward is a wreck. Jacob's pack wants to kill it, and he won't stand for that. He realizes he's the true alpha, seperates himself from the pack, and goes off to protect Bella. Leah (my favorite werewolf!) and Seth join him. The Cullens want to save Bella by killing the baby, but encouraged by Rosalie, she won't let them. So, it comes and Bella lives and she turns into a vampire. =] The rest is less gross and slower, thank goodness. Resnemee is gifted and all is fine, until another vampire sees Renesmee and mistakes her to be an immortal child, which is a big no-no for the Volturi. And she tells them, to get back at them for killing Laurent. Big mistake. Renesmee is just half-vampire, not a vampire. So they gather up an international army of vampires, and they plan to stand up to the Volturi and save Renesmee. Well, it works. Bella discovers she's got a power, too - a mental shield! Alice saves the day, Resnemee and all the vampires we know and love plus the army of good ones are spared (and Jacob >=P), but Irina ends up getting killed for telling them the wrong thing. Revenge never ends well. =[ Renesmee and Edward and Bella are all happy. The end. =[
Midnight Sun
Rating: 4 out of 5
Oh, come on, I'm not THAT big of a spoiler!!

My overall rating for the series: 4 stars out of 5 (because I just can't stand New Moon!)
I concede that if you haven't read it, you need to (unless you are over 18 or male).

Kaye has spoken.

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