Sunday, August 24, 2008

Horseland Makes Me Mad

All around Horseland I have seen RIP Dixie. Naturally, as a trend-follower, I decided to track it down. Even my good friend *Star* had put it up on her updates and added it to her name. So I decided to track down the Dixie Club. Well, long, graphic story short, Dixie was a three-month old pretty solid paint filly who was severely injured in barbed wire. Where most people went, "Oh no!" I went "You idiots". Why? Because any horseowner with HALF a BRAIN knows that under any and all curcumstances you never, ever put a horse even CLOSE to barbed wire. What did FHOTD tell you? Especially babies!
Expect the unexpected. Of course you can guess she got horribly ripped up and needed a massive amount of stitches. There a multiple shots in the video where she is standing right next to barbed wire fence! Wtf!?!
She is cute and all, but I have no sympathy for idiots. Her owner has been called a scammer by quite a few people I know. O.o So, in short, KEEP YOUR HORSES AWAY FROM BARBED WIRE. I am not trying to be heartless, and I just angry for ignorance. Maybe I am wrong, but still, it is pretty hard to be stupid enough to put your foal near barbed wire.

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