Saturday, August 2, 2008

K'pinion #4 - Million Dollar Cow?

Too much for a bovine?

Time for a post! I first read about this on msn and thought it would make a great post. If you haven't heard, a group of people bought a red cow named Apple for a million bucks. Just wondering, how old do cattle have to be to reproduce? They sold five of her daughters, and she is four years old. Isn't that a little scary? Her sold rare-colored offspring for as much as $160,000 each. Wow, what a steal! A lazy red mooer to sit in your field and pop out babies! I'm sorry, but this thoroughbred cost lest then that, at $80,000. The white thing is blueblooded and can actually earn his keep, even after he's done racing. Isn't a million bucks too much?
Oh, sure, she's got "rare color and breeding potential, so she can pass on the genes". Haven't you ever read FHOTD? There's stuff like that all the time. (P.S. There hasn't been a post since Thursday! I hope there's some kind of big rescue going on.) It's a red, freakin' cow. So, it's rare. What do you think made it rare? Tigers didn't commit suicide, you know. Cows always pick black and white over red and white. People probably bred it out of the cows, but not entirely. Just look at the Friesian horse. They have been in one color - black - for a very long time. Again, all the color is bred out.
Look, one million is just too much for me. How can you afford to feed the darn thing after an investment like that? Apple's cute. But a million bucks can buy you a whole ranch and one thousand head of bovines. Plus you could feed them for a year. What's the big whoop over a red one? Weeelll, I hope there aren't any buff-e-lo shooters anywhere nerby - red stuns fer bullseye!

Kaye has spoken.

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