Wednesday, August 6, 2008

K'pinion #6: What's wrong with this picture II

Omigosh, look! I found another classic well-cut and stuck on a background picture, with a little bit of cutting. Yeah, that's right, Horselanders. This is what ten million HLD will buy you!

Let's get started. While the background is pretty and the white letters having their own reflection is lovely, wtf is the boat for? It's a lovely, peaceful theme..... and then, there's this fugly horse plopped in the middle. Again, terrible stock choice!
That horse looks too fat for its hind end. The horse is sunny! It doesn't match the background at all! While it might be the fact that the horse has its head turned this way, the neck and chest are freakishly muscular or fat, I can't decide. Which makes the poor head look tiny on such a colossal front end.
People, that's not graphics. To some extent, I could do that on Paint. It's just a totally random horse cut and put on a background. With fancy text affects. Really.

Kaye has spoken.

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