Friday, August 8, 2008

Pic Bash #3 - Where's my foot?

Wow, I should just change the name of this blog to Kaye's Pic Bashing! While grumbling about having my premium account upgrade delayed again I found that an individual scheduled a show. I was like, what the fudge? Why does a person with a name like that get to be premium and not me? It gets better. This person doesn't actually support any animals! Yes, there is a watermark but it's hard to read (I didn't really even notice it at first) and I highly doubt it will make sense to any of you.

First off, the whole idea of this picture? I am not sure. It's titled TROTTING HORSE for obvious reasons, but since when do long-bodied Warmbloods go trotting through the Navajo complete with halter and shipping boots? If I was that Warmblood I'd be running for my life to through off that misted ponytail subsituted for my tail.
This is yet another random horse plopped in a random scene. The feet have been cut off to make it look like they are in grass or something, but it doesn't even come close to that effect. It looks exactly like a poor attempt for picture enhancement. I think she's actually looking back to see if she's shaken that wierd-o tail added on!
There's no price on this one, but I wouldn't even pay for it. The odds of this thing selling are really high, in my point of view, but if people think this is quality.... go for it.

Kaye has spoken.

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