Tuesday, August 5, 2008

K'pinion #5: What's wrong with this picture?

Well, the Fugly Horse of the Day Blog is back on track and I've discovered a new blog that cracks me up, Cakewrecks. It was an okay day - I spent quite some time on horseland due to the fact that I had nothing to do - and then I found a picture on a horse vying to be the stallion mascot of the FFA Club, which I add, really has little to do with horses.
I hate to sound like julian (who I adore, no offense) over at the hl blog, but...... as the title suggests, what wrong with this picture? (click for full view)

It's a picture that made me do a double take. Never mind the fact that he has 130,000 points at age 13. He only has 1500 unruns in the past two weeks, which leads me to the fact that he is a full-fledged ticket eater, which is how horses will 2 million points exist on horseland (ooohhhh trust me, they do). This straight eygptian arabian stud, with no get on the internet, has a great name. I used my fantabulous MS Paint skills to erase/paint over any evidence that could be harmful (the picture maker's trademark, the owner's name, the link to the page.... stuff at the bottom which I accidentally made into a white cloud....) and saved it, titling it fugly. Let's point out the wrongness, shall we?
That is one of the wonkiest leg posistions I've ever seen! The equine on the Howrse homepage has a better limb configuration than this Arabian. If it were a dude, I'd say it was preparing to pee or something. But it's not..... I'm not going to go into detail, but basically I can tell if it's a stallion/gelding or not. Trust me. That's not it. That's a filly.
A filly is a young female horse. Youth may have to do with some of the ugliness in the horse pictured here. First of all, I hope the horse grows into those huge, honkin' feet. They look clunky. Next, that neck is fatter than it needs to be for such a tiny head, but maybe it's just the angle. It's also freakishly long. Why does it look like it's going to fart? I guess they have high tail carriage or something. Puny ears, I mean I'd heard they were small on Arabs, but those are just teeny.
Is that a scar or a tiger stripe on its thigh or what? Shadow? And where is its mane, hmm? I still can't find it. All I can make out is some limp orange spaghetti.
The horseland blog has been up in arms about graphics lately, and they have been talking about the maker of this particular picture a little bit, actually. This is an example of a horse cut out very well and put on a pretty background. No blending, no textures, not really a matching background. Yet, in horseland currency, this hideous creation probably cost at least ten million.
I'm not insulting this player's work, really, I'm not. But if you're going to choose horse stock images to put on your graphics, please pick a good one. And again, this is basically a very well cut picture on a background. I saw a drop-dead gorgeous vexel/vector on a horse the other day, and it looked like real art. Freaking amazing. This ain't a masterpiece. You should get a picture to enchance the appearance of your horse's page. Sometimes, it can help people want to buy/breed to your animal. It should be about quality and beauty, not bragging rights. Somebody bought this to put on their horse and brag about how they got something from XXXXX. Wowwwww. Lucky you. All I can say is that if I was a horse, I'd be really ashamed to be represented with an image like that.

Kaye has spoken.

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