Wednesday, November 12, 2008

9 days!

Omygosh, I'm soooo excited, not because Pandora started out with a good song for once, but because there are only 9 days left 'til Twilight hits the theaters! =DD
I added some of my fangirly favorites to the blogs i enjoy gadget you see to your right of this page. =] Maybe you like some of these, too, and missed a post or two, like I constantly do. xD You can see why this is extremely helpful to me, right?
Well, anyway, back on topic - Twilight! I loved the book so vigorously that I just can't wait to see if the movie lives up to it. Every time one of my twilight fansites over there *points to gadget* reveals a new clip of the movie, I restrain myself from looking because I don't want to ruin the movie for myself! ^.^
Now, I'm not a big fan of the cast entirely, well, yeah, Edward and Bella are pretty-looking off the movie screen (except when Rob has, um, hairstyling issues), but Rosalie looks like a mom, Emmett looks like math teacher (I'm not kidding!), and Jasper looks like Beethoven. Alice is ok, but where is the spiky hair? She looks like Carrie Martin (Kim Rhodes, lol)! She definitely is not the Alice I expected, but she's pretty with her hair long! :]
Again.... 9 DAYS!!!

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