Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sharpie Shoe Movement!

If you aren't a major Twilight fanatic like me, you haven't heard about the sharpie shoe movement yet, right? Well - I'm not totally sure, as I've had only clues to pick up on here - but Bella wears Converse All-Star shoes to the prom in the Twilight movie, and so now it's a big sort of movement thing to write Twilight-related things on your Converse sneakies! I got a pair today, and I wanted to write Save Midnight Sun, but the cover's already out so I wrote Team Edward, 11.21.08, I <3>
My Converse tennis shoes are waffle-bottom and white lace all the way, baby! I got them in navy to wear with my darker jeans; I didn't really want black or pink. My parents laughed at me; they had these when THEY were kids. They're just coming back into style again, and I love them a lot! I needed a cute new pair anyway, and these cut it. =D Very funky, go with almost anything you wear - participate in the Sharpie Shoe Movement, Twilighters!

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