Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creepy Coincidences!

If you want your freak freaked, or are bored and ever wondered what happened on your birthday.... either google it or search the date (no year) on wikipedia!
This is mine.
And then I found this. My birthday.is.the.same.day.as.the.Jonas.Brothers.second.cd.release. What's worse... their FIRST one was the day after! D=
I've never liked my b-day date much anyways! No bringing cupcakes into Elementary on your birthday, no parties because everytime you invite someone they're always on vacation, and it means you don't get an 8/8/08 birthday! It's so degrading to be 8/7/08! I even know someone with their birthday on this date! How unfair.
I don't like the Jonas Brothers. Period. They're overpaid popstars in tight pants kept afloat by screaming girls and Disney Channel.
That's just creepy! *shudders*
Ooh, and up tommorrow.... SongRoll. Best recent songs! =]

Kaye has spoken.

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